Clay spade buckets

JST offer a wide selection of clay spade buckets for excavators with an operating weight from 800 kg to 90 tons. You can find our clay spade buckets in the standard edition in our main catalogue and in the Nordic line, which is made in high-strength steel. These are available with different side plate profiles, so you can adapt the bucket to your needs.

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Clay spade bucket in high-strength steel

Our most popular clay spade buckets will be found in our Nordic line. This line is made of high-strength steel – a material that is both stronger and lighter which helps you get the most out of your machine.
We offer a large selection of Nordic clay spade buckets with various side plate profiles and width. In addition there are several different attachments, such as teeths, cutting edge and ground protection mat hooks.

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800 kg – 1,4 tons | 1,4 – 2 tons | 2 – 2,8 tons | 2,8 – 4 tons | 4 – 6 tons | 6 – 9 tons | 9 – 12 tons | 12 – 16 tons | 16 – 20 tons | 20 – 25 tons | 25 – 32 tons | 32 – 40 tons

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JST clay spade bucket from Nordic line
Nordic clay spade bucket type 7 with side plate profile C