Reinforced wood chip bucket for sawmill

Reinforced wood chip bucket for sawmill

We have manufactured a custom-made wood chip bucket for the sawmill, Grønagergård Savværk. The bucket moves approx. 50,000 m3 wood chips per year… As well as various other material at the sawmill, which is why it has been manufactured with extra reinforcements.

Grønagergård Savværk is an environmentally friendly sawmill located in Gjern near Silkeborg. The sawmill primarily sells larch, Douglas fir, spruce, oak and robinia. 50% of the wood that is sawn ends up as wood chips. That’s why Grønagergård Savværk, in collaboration with Scantruck and the JST steel workshop, customised a large wood chip bucket to suit the sawmill’s needs.

The wood chip bucket moves 50,000 m3 of wood chips per year

Jan Kristensen, founder and owner of Grønagergård Savværk, says that the bucket moves approximately 50,000 m3 of wood chips per year. Furthermore, it is used for various other materials at the sawmill. That’s why it was important to Jan that the bucket was made with extra reinforcements.

In addition to the extra reinforcement with triangular wedges at the bottom, the bucket is manufactured with a 40 cm spill guard and raised sides. The bucket also has peepholes to improve visibility for the operator. Jan Kristensen says that Marius, who uses the new Manitou and JST wood chip bucket, is extremely satisfied with the machine and the custom-made bucket.

The wood chip bucket holds 6,000 litres

“The bucket can hold 6,000 litres, which is 6 m3, so it’s a nicely sized bucket. It weighs about one tonne, so there is some weight on the telehandler when we drive it at a height of 4-5 metres,” says Jan Kristensen, who is pleased that the bucket can reach up and tip the large “tubs” and containers without having to put them down on the ground.

The sawmill stretches over several hectares

Grønagergård Savværk started as a sole proprietorship in 1987 when Jan Kristensen bought a single saw. The sawmill has since developed into a medium-sized company with 60 employees. Out of the many hectares of land that the sawmill covers, approximately 5000 square metres are roofed. In addition to boards, battens, posts and wood chips, the sawmill also has a fine production of shelters, garden furniture, hunting towers and the like.