Anniversaries at JST

In January 2024, JST A/S had the pleasure of celebrating two milestones: a 15-year anniversary for salesperson Jørgen Eriksen and a 10-year anniversary for fitter Michal Sypniewski.

Super Salesperson

Jørgen Eriksen has been a salesperson for many years, starting as the first salesperson at JST 15 years ago. In 2008, he learned about JST’s interest in a salesperson at Agromek and contacted owner Niels Jørgensen. Following a phone call and a personal meeting, Jørgen was hired in January 2009.

Initially, it was challenging for Jørgen to be a salesperson, spending most workdays alone on the road. However, he has since been joined by two additional salespeople, Rene Eriksen and Mathias Ø. Antonsen. Together they form the sales team for the Danish market.

The last 15 years have brought both exciting and challenging moments for Jørgen Eriksen. He has been a part of the rapid development of the steel workshop since 2009 and has played a significant role in the company’s success.

JST would like to take this opportunity to thank Jørgen for the past 15 years. We look forward to many more years!

Owner Niels Jørgensen and salesperson Jørgen Eriksen

Skilled Fitter

Just two days after Jørgen’s anniversary, we had the pleasure of celebrating Michal Sypniewski’s 10-year anniversary.

Michal is a skilled fitter whose work is very much appreciated – especially when it comes to welding the largest equipment. Therefore, he is a permanent fitter in the large forging hall, contributing to the production of a considerable number of attachments, including some of the largest buckets we have produced.

After working in both Finland and Norway for several years, he came to Denmark 10 years ago and fortunately found his way to JST. Since then, he has contributed with his positive attitude and skilled fitting abilities. Michal has chosen to stay in Denmark, because he believes there are better conditions in terms of health insurance, salary, and working conditions.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Michal on his 10-year anniversary and express our gratitude for his significant contributions to JST! We hope he will continue with us for many years to come!

Owner Niels Jørgensen and fitter Michal Sypniewski

New production manager

On July 1, we welcomed Jørgen Krogh Hansen, as new production manager here at Maskinfabrikken JST. Jørgen is especially pleased to have come to a company with success, ambitions and team spirit

We are in the middle of expanding the factory to more than double the size, and our new production manager, Jørgen Krogh Hansen, couln’t have come at a better time. He will be able to contribute with his many years of experience and knowledge of production optimization when we put the new production halls into use during the next year.

Jørgen is motivated by success, ambitions and team spirit. And he is pleased that these three things are the soul of JST as a company. And of course we are both happy and proud of that here at JST.

Jørgen has both the theoretical and practical backpack in order. He has 30 years of experience in production management and has spent many years as a manager “on the floor”. So he knows what he is dealing with and can talk to the employees and understand their everyday life. An invaluable ability when he has to manage the daily production, and at the same time get ready to take new 4,000 m2 into use.

The first part of the new buildings is ready for the autumn, and it is Jørgen Krogh Hansen who is responsible for making both the interior design and the transition to the new halls work. He will also need his skills in IT, CNC control and robot control. These are some of the areas where we are planning an ongoing upgrade of the machine park as the new premises are taken into use.

But it is not just more machines that we will have room for. We also expect to upgrade staff in line with the expansion – in fact, more hands are already needed. This is another of the challenges that Jørgen is already well on his way to solving.

Topping out

Topping out and open house

On 16 July, Maskinfabrikken JST A/S invited friends, family, customers and business partners to an afternoon with live music, draft beer and frankfurters. We had a topping out party and open house to show off our new building of 4,000 m2. There was of course the opportunity to get a tour of the factory and the construction site.

We were amazed and happy to see all of the people who took the time to visit us. Thank you to all of you for a wonderful afternoon.