Zeppelin Rental Denmark

Zeppelin Rental Denmark

Operations manager Gudmundur Ægisson has no doubts – the collaboration with JST and advice regarding the right choice of buckets for the entire machine fleet has contributed to Zeppelin Rental Denmark’s success

Our salesperson, Jørgen, and Jonna from the order office have recently visited Zeppelin Rental Denmark. They spoke to Gudmundur Ægisson, who is Operations Manager at Zeppelin Rental Denmark and has over 30 years of experience in the rental industry.

Professional advice

Gudmundur Ægisson helped establish Zeppelin Rental Denmark a few years ago. In this connection, he has been happy to cooperate with Maskinfabrikken JST A/S. JST was involved from the start and offered professional advise regarding which buckets and attachments would best suit the rental company’s extensive fleet of machines.

“JST has helped give Zeppelin Rental Denmark the success we have today.”

Gudmundur Ægisson, Operations Manager, Zeppelin Rental Denmark ApS

Gudmundur Ægisson particularly emphasizes the sparring that Zeppelin Rental has with JST on a daily basis. “You have helped give Zeppelin Rental the success we have today”, says Gudmundur. It is, among other things, the professional dialogue and advice regarding the selection of buckets and attachments for Zeppelin Rental Denmark’s machinery, which has helped create the success story.

JST has welcomed Zeppelin Rental Denmark’s ideas and has come up with relevant proposals, without trying to create “extra sales”. JST has always been professional and consultative in their approach to the cooperation, and Gudmundur has greatly appreciated that.

“We also have access to the JST experts, who can guide us and turn our ideas into reality,” emphasizes Gudmundur.

Individual numbers for the buckets

In collaboration with JST, Zeppelin Rental Denmark has developed plates with individual numbers for the buckets. These are manufactured at JST and welded directly onto the buckets at the factory in Lem St., where Maskinfabrikken JST manufactures all its buckets and attachments.

It’s a big job. Not least, the coordination of which numbers are to be welded on which buckets is a bit of a masterpiece. According to Gudmundur, it has gone beyond all expectations. Here, it is especially the collaboration with Jonna, who works in the order office at JST, that Gudmundur is very happy about.

Gudmundur has a busy working day, and he is grateful for the service JST has offered. He has been able to send a bunch of individual numbers for the buckets to Jonna, and then Jonna has managed it from there. She has ensured that the individual numbers appear on the order confirmations, and the buckets have been delivered correctly each time. Because of this, Zeppelin Rental Denmark has been able to create all the buckets in their systems in advance. Upon delivery, the buckets therefore simply had to be put in place and activated in the system.

Great service all the way

Gudmundur has continuously benefited from the good dialogue with JST. Even when he has ordered up to 200 buckets on different orders, it has always gone smoothly. For example, JST has collected the different types of buckets across the orders, so that all 20 cm buckets were delivered separately, etc.

“There have been no errors in the orders. We have always been able to trust the deliveries from JST”, says a satisfied Gudmundur.

Also in relation to delivery addresses, Jonna has been accommodating and flexible, so that Gudmundur has been able to put expected delivery addresses on the orders. Just before delivery, he has then changed or confirmed the delivery addresses on the individual shipments.

Our salesperson, Jørgen Eriksen, and operations manager Gudmundur Ægisson at Zeppelin Rental Denmark agree that it has been a fantastic journey.

Thank you, Zeppelin Rental Denmark, for your trust and the great cooperation.