High tip buckets have become indispensable for Fredericia Shipping

High tip buckets have become indispensable for Fredericia Shipping

JST high tip buckets have become indispensable for Fredericia Shipping. The trucks have become so large that buckets without high-tip simply are not able to handle the loading.

Torben Krogh works as foreman at Fredericia Shipping, where he is responsible for the company’s movable goods department. Here, employees handle several different types of loose goods on a daily basis. For example wood pellets, soya and grain. Fredericia Shipping e.g. delivers wood pellets for the Danish heating plants and loads grain onto ships with destinations all over the world.

The many JST high tip buckets therefore come to good use at Fredericia Shipping. Some of the buckets have been running for several years, and the shipping company has continuously ordered more new JST high-tip buckets to be added to the collection.

Large volume more important than breaking power

“We chose the JST high-tip buckets because it matched our needs. We drive with 6.6 m3 buckets, which is perfect for our loader. We can drive all types of goods with it… And the loader can handle it”, says Torben, who is very satisfied with the collaboration with JST and Volvo Construction Equipment Denmark, through which buckets and machines have been purchased.

“We have chosen a very deep bucket, because the materials that we handle run quite easily into the buckets. We don’t need large breaking power, but rather a large volume. This is why the buckets look a little big, because they are incredibly deep”, says Torben Krogh.

Grain channels determine the width of the bucket

Torben explains that they drive the Volvo 110H due to the size of the grain channels. In some halls at Fredericia Shipping, you could use a larger loading machine, but not in all. Loaders and buckets must fit between the grain channels, and there is no room for a larger loader or a wider bucket. Therefore, the solution with a deep high-tip bucket is perfect for Torben’s department at Fredericia harbour. With this solution, the bucket can take a large volume, even if it is not quite as wide. The 6.6 m3 that the high tip buckets contain corresponds to approx. 5 tons of wheat or 4.5 tons of wood pellets.