Maskinfabrikken (Machine Factory) JST A/S was founded in 2002 by Niels Jørgensen. For the first 3-4 years, we built industrial machines, as well as industrial assembly and general blacksmithing. In 2005, we started a small side production of equipment for mini-loaders and mini-excavators. The production was a success and quite quickly, it was expanded to include equipment for larger machine types.

Today, we have a complete range of buckets, equipment and couplers for loading and digging machines from 800-60,000 kg. And on request, equipment and buckets are offered for even larger machines … we see no limits.

Our facilities are constantly being expanded. Today, the factory is approx. 3,000 m2. Maskinfabrikken JST A/S currently has 53 employees, of whom 4 are apprentices. Revenue in 2018 was DKK 67,000,000.

All our products are manufactured at our factory in Lem st., Denmark. And we have no Eastern European departments or subcontractors. All our machines are largely CNC-controlled, and we believe that automation and highly skilled labor can help keep our company in Denmark.