Large selection of bale spears

Are you looking for a new bale fork/bale spear? JST has a wide selection of bale spears for different machines and weight classes.

Click below to access details such as widths, volume, weight and prices in our catalogue.

If you need a custom made bale spear, please contact us – we can always find a solution.

Bale spear for tractor with front loader

For tractors with front loaders we offer both a standard multi-bale fork and a model with a mechanical folding boom.

As ‘add-on’ for the bale fork, you can buy a separate top, big bag carrier or a 3rd tooth (2 teeth are standard on the bale fork).

Bale spear for loaders | 500 kg – 8.5 tons

We offer a wide selection of bale spears / bale forks for loaders up to 8.5 tons – mini loaders, backhoe loaders, telehandlers, compact wheel loaders and loaders.

Several of our models are available both with and without top bars. In addition, you can choose your bale fork with mechanical or hydraulic folding lower boom and top bars.

In this category you will also find a built-in bale fork and a round bale unroller.

Bale spear for loaders | 8.5 – 20.5 tons

For loaders in sizes 8.5 20.5 tons we have several different models, all with max lift of 2,500 kg.

We offer two models with fixed boom (width 150 cm) and one with a hydraulic folding lower boom (width 170 cm). This is a heavy-duty bale fork with replaceable studs and bushings.

All bale forks are sold as standard with a Volvo BM bracket, but other brackets and Pejo safety hook can be purchased additionally.