Big bag carriers

JST has a large selection of big bag carriers for different machines and weight classes.

Click below and find widths, contents, weight and prices in our catalogue.

If you are looking for a custom-made big bag carrier, please contact us. We have many years of experience in custom-made attachments.

Big bag carriers for mini loaders and tractors with front loader

For tractors with front loaders and for mini loaders, we offer both a standard model and one with shackle and lifting hook.

We also offer a model that can be mounted on our pallet fork set, as well as an add-on for our multi bale spears.

Big bag carriers for backhoes, telehandlers and loaders | 3.5 – 8.5 tons

We offer a selection of big bag carriers for loaders up to 8.5 tonnes incl. backhoes and telehandlers.

You can choose between models with one, two or three hooks, and there are also models with different ranges up to 3 metres.

In this category you will also find a model for the back arm of a backhoe as well as a model that can be mounted on our pallet fork set.

Big bag carriers for loaders | 8.5 – 20.5 tons

For loaders machine size 8.5 – 20.5 tonnes, we have several different models for up to 6 bags.

Our GG models have a reach of up to 3 meters and a maximum lift in kg per hook of up to 2,400 kg.

See the selection in our catalogue, where you will also find prices, width, weight etc.