Nordic Line catalogue online

The new Nordic Line catalogue is full of shovels in high-strength steel – lighter and stronger

Here is some really good news for those of our customers who want greater efficiency and greater bucket volume. The buckets from Nordic Line are produced in high-strength steel, which is both lighter and stronger.

The new catalog currently contains buckets in high-strength steel for 800 – 25,000 kg. During the next couple of months, it will be updated with even more buckets up to 90,000 kg.

A large selection of side profiles gives you full flexibility, so you can adjust the bucket volume and width to your needs and your machine. At the same time, high-strength steel offers a longer life span to your bucket.

The buckets in the catalogue are also available in Heavy Duty versions on demand.

See the catalogue here

Psst… The catalogue is full of links, so it is easy to navigate. You can also search for text (ctrl. f or the magnifying glass at the bottom right)